Solution Concept

The YSoft platform is a print management and document capture solution designed to meet the growing needs of organisations looking to effectively manage and reduce print service costs.

YSoft is a feature rich and scalable print management solution, which boasts efficiency and flexibility in the office. It has a modular approach and can therefore be configured precisely to the needs of the organisation. Key Features Feature rich modules

•        YSoft SafeQ Authentication – provides convenient user authentication and the device (common methods username/password, PIN or ID card)

•        YSoft SafeQ Print Roaming – Allows users to submit their print jobs to any printer on the network and release it securely   

•        YSoft SafeQ Reporting – Tracking and accounting of all print jobs throughout and organisation

•        YSoft SafeQ Rule Based Engine – Administrators can set variable print conditions for different users (i.e. limiting access rights to color printing)

•        YSoft SafeQ Credit and Billing – Is an essential module when print/copy costs need to be tracked and charged back to an individual or organisation

•        YSoft SafeQ Core Workflows – Provides scan management functionalities (i.e. scan-to-home or scan-to-email), users can also create their own customised scan scripts

•        YSoft SafeQ Mobile Print – Lets users send print jobs from their mobile devices via e-mail or web-release page, freeing them from being limited to print from their workplace

•        YSoft SafeQ Advanced Workflows – Provides advanced features including world-class OCR functionality, image clean-up, blank page removal, searchable PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel

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